Mellie Designs

Mellie Designs is a bespoke invite and calligraphy company run by me, Ellie Thomson.

The first invites I made were for my own wedding, and this was mainly driven by my husband's belief in my design work. We couldn't find an invite that suited us and so Mike encouraged me to tap into my design skills to create something personal to us. We worked together to create the perfect invites and it's because of this collaborative effort I decided to name the business Mellie Designs - it is our 'couple name'. 

During the wedding planning process I was learning calligraphy and got to the point where I was confident enough to do all the calligraphy for our wedding. This included roughly 100 envelopes (both addresses and return addresses - that's 400 addresses!), 110 place cards, a table plan and 30 favour labels. 

I absolutely loved the whole process and now enjoy being a part of other people's wedding days by creating beautiful stationery. It is one of the first impressions guests get of a wedding, so it is so important that they are beautiful and unique!

There is nothing better than seeing the smiles on my client's faces when they see their invites for the first time!